George Sr. was born and raised in Karemlesh, Iraq. He lived a simple life in an adobe style home with no running water, plumbing or electricity he learned quickly things in life do not come easy. He was taught to work hard harvesting grains from the fields and tending to the animals. He learned how to cook from his mother. When he was in his mid twenties his family fled Iraq to avoid being persecuted for being Christian. He settled in Athens, Greece where his love for the Greek culture and food was born. After working hard and saving money he later moved to Detroit, MI where he met his wife Joan and they raised their children Elizabeth and George Jr. He later moved to Phoenix, AZ to start a business and give his family the opportunities he never had growing up. He has been mastering Mediterranean cooking for many years. He worked in the spice market in the old country which gives him an unmatched understanding of ingredients. His knowledge of business, accounting, food and culture has helped to grow the business in many ways. 




Joan grew up just outside of Detroit, MI. She was one of three girls raised by their mother. Her father a WWII vet passed away when she was just an infant. She learned to cook many different cuisines from a very young age. She enjoys the baking side of the culinary arts. She was introduced to Mediterranean food and culture at a young age. She had a Greek uncle not to mention that Detroit is very rich in Mediterranean culture. She met her husband George Sr. and learned a great deal from her mother-in-law not only about the food but the culture and the language as well. She taught her mother-in-law about American culture and the English language. In turn her mother-in-law taught her the art of cooking Middle Eastern cuisine and she also taught her to speak the almost dead language of Aramaic. Joan and George Sr. raised their children through high school graduation in Michigan. After their son George Jr. Graduated high school they uprooted the family and started their future in Phoenix, AZ. 



Elizabeth was born and raised outside of Detroit, MI. She has over 19 years experience in customer service. After finishing high school in Michigan, Elizabeth attended college in Atlanta. She obtained a degree in fashion merchandising. She stayed in Georgia and worked for a while until she felt it was time to join the family in Arizona. She picked up and moved across the country to join the family business and help develop and grow the restaurant into what it is today. She used her skills in customer service, marketing, merchandising and retail to help fine tune ideas and concepts. Elizabeth is a proud mother of two Kendall and Kaiden. Aside from raising her kids she continues to help the restaurant in any way she can.




George Jr. is 19+ year veteran in the culinary scene. He has learned the ways of Mediterranean cuisine through ancient recipes and technique passed on from his father, mother and grandmother. He now has started to branch out into his own style with new flavor combinations and fresh ideas that sets Saba’s apart from the rest. George was born and raised just outside of Detroit, MI. His family consists of his wife (Alicia) & 3 kids George III, Natalia & Jeremiah. He has independently studied the culinary arts, marketing, computer science, psychology, business and communications. he uses these talents to benefit the restaurant in any way that he can. He is a frequent guest chef on abc 15 sonoran living live & cbs 5 where he demonstrates how to prepare Mediterranean dishes, explain history and fun facts about the culture and cuisine.


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